Which VinTank Platform?

We are very proud and excited to have recently launched an entirely rebuilt version of VinTank, v3. The new VinTank is our greatest accomplishment and brings forth many ground breaking and highly acclaimed features.

These tools are all new and together offer the most powerful layers of context we have presented. Even with all of the new features and insights already built-in to v3, we are still busy porting over all features and data from our previous version. Until that work is done, we are encouraging customers to maintain accounts on both platforms. You will not have to re-enter all of your wine data into the new version as this will be transferred in the coming weeks. For now, just sign up your business, authorize your social platforms, create your users and we will handle the rest.

VinTank v3

The most powerful solution for learning about and engaging with your most important social customers, those connecting with you and those at your location right now.

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Previous VinTank

Social listening for earned media/non-tagged mentions of your brand and wine data management tools.

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